Who We Serve

Streamlined Resolutions

We have been serving clients for over 40+ years, ranging in net worth from $100,000 to $20 million. Most of our clients live in Santa Barbara county, own real estate, and are small business owners and service professionals.

We are a family business, serving many local families with long term attorney-client relationships.

Our relationships generally begin with the preparation of an Estate Plan for any given family. Another way we become involved is after a death in the family, where an attorney's assistance is needed to navigate the numerous rules and requirements of a decedent's estate administration.

Growing families are often seeking protection from the common pitfalls that can take place should something happen to one of the parents. Working with these families, we provide strategies for financial security, housing, planning for higher education, and preserving family wealth.

Disabled persons present particular needs that require knowledgeable legal assistance. We regularly incorporate Special Needs Trusts into our clients' revocable family trusts in order to preserve a disabled person's right to receive public benefits.